Greenfun's message

Hey! Here's a message for ALL of you from Greenfun!

She has aknoweldged the many bad things in Animal am and is finally trying to step up against it!

Here's her message:

Hi! Plz post this on your blog, join team Animal Jam! It helps stop badness in Jamaa! To join, send GreenFun a JamAGram saying Jam On! And its the Animal Pride with #1 on it!

If you would like to help her and join the team to stop all the bad things in Jamaa then send her a Jam-A-Garm saying "Jam om" and with the Animal Pride #1 postcard! Like this:

So join the team and help make Animal Jam become safer and more fun!

If you're a blogger, put this up on your blog! Spread the message! =D

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