Thank you

I was looking back at this blog and I realized I kinda miss it haha. I also noticed some people still look at this blog almost everyday and wow...I just wanted to say thanks for that. I've changed so much since I made this blog, but a part of me will always miss it. thanks for reading, supporting, and commenting on my blog, it really means a lot and I feel like I never really said thanks to you guys. Thank you so much for reading my blog, I love all of you guys. :)


Um...hey guys...I haven't posted in almost a year. I forgot about this blog, i'm really sorry!! To all of you that still bother to even check up on this blog anymore...i'm really sorry but I have completely lost interest in animal jam and I don't think i'll ever really post on this blog anymore...once again i'm really sorry, you guys were great and thanks so much for reading my blog! Bye...


Should I?

Hey guys! I was wondering if I should quit my blog. I don't think anyone really reads it anymore. For those of you who still does, do you think I should quit? Please comment telling me if I should delete my blog or not.                  

10000 Pageviews!!!

Hey everyone! I noticed I we'd reached 10000 pageviews today!!! Thanks everyone so much for reading my blog! ~Star

Hi, Long Time No Post

Okay so i'm sure all of you realized that I pretty much quit my blog....Well i guess i have...I don't play aj much anymore and i found another website i really like. Sorry but i might post like random stuff like slideshows but not that often. I also have to take down the pages i can't do anymore because i don't play aj anymore. Have fun playing in Jamaa! ^-^


Warriors Page!

Hii! Be sure to check out the new warriors page! Especially if your a warriors fan. Christmas colors!


Today i saw someone with the user Star8puppy3301 i was like Anyway here's the picture:
And her/his animal name (Lieutenant Speedypaw) is really similar to one of my animals so :(

Shaman Slideshow

Hey jammers! I felt bad for not posting in a while so i made a random Shaman Slideshow! Enjoy!
Did anyone else notice some of the Bronze Shamans look like the parent of the silver one or was it just me? Sorry it's slow, i wanted to get all the song in it. Did you guys like it? 

New Art Page

I'm going to make a new artwork page where you can send me tinypics of your artwork in the comments and i'll post it on the page. Be sure to check it out! Also if u don't know how to make a tinypic, click here take a picture of your artwork and put it on your desktop, upload the file and there you have the link (i use the link on the bottom). So don't be embarrassed of your artwork, i'm sure they're all great! I'm posting some of my artwork to my hummingbird is well...u'll see. :3

Shamans Den

 I want a Shamans Den for one of my dens. What den do you guys think would be good for all the Shaman Statues (including the bronze) and both Zios Fountains? Comment and tell me please! :P