Glitch Madness!!!

Okay, today it was glitch crazy. DOLPHINS, WOLVES, TIGERS, LIONS, SHARKS, TURTLES. It makes no sense now... but read on.

Okay so i was in the oceans when i kept seeing animals like this:

Weird right? But then when i was on land i saw this:

Kind of annoying. lol But i figured out how to go into the ocean with a land animal and when i did it i found this:

LOL! A ME CLONE! XD Cat and everything :P Anyway here's how you do it:
1.Go to coral canyons
2.Click on the Art Studio door
3.Quickly click on the map and click deep blue (or an ocean place)
4.Results: Either you should be in the Art Studio but to others u'll be in deep blue to figure out which one u'll probably see ocean animals, or you'll be in deep blue as a land animal
It might take a few tries but don't give up!

Here are two other glitches:

LOL More clones! And in the second picture both of them are walking in place.

Second glitch:

Remember Goldencobra's den- (found in glitches page)? Well this is his other den. And see the square kind of this i'm in? Well that followed me when i moved. LOL His dens are like a glitch party. 

That's all the glitches for today! P.S. I'll try and figure out the ocean animal on land and post it.


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