I'm super sorry i haven't been posting in like forever. I've been really sick and busy for a long time. D: I'll try harder to make time to be on the computer more. So here's all the new things that came out while i was gone. (Thank you to my friend who took the pictures)

First of all, in Sunken Treasures we have a Marble Bench, a Crescent Marble Bench, a crack in the ground called a Fissure, a Barrel Sponge, a Octopus Submarine, Clover Tubes, a Dolphin Venus Statue, a Seal Poseidon Statue, a Potted Plant, a Pillar With Vase, and a Column:

You can also buy a new den!

In the Wolves Only Party you can get a new Wolf Wall Torch called a Wolf Sconce:

In Jam Mart Furniture you can get the new Snowy Paw Prints rug.

Rare Item Monday was a Rare Colored Tie:

In Jam Mart Furniture you can get the new Snow Machine, an Ice Block, a Dog Sled, and a Frozen Banner:

These are the winners of the badge contest:

In Jam Mart Clothing you can buy a Jester Hat and the old Dragon Mask:

There's also an Egg Hunt:

There is a Journey Book for Sarepia Forest and a Horse Only Party:

You can vote for a new T-shirt Design in the Hot Cocoa Hut:

Octopuses are here too!

There's also a new April Fools Party!

The Monthly Gift is a Hot Cocoa Machine:

The other Rare Item Monday was a Special Colored Crown:

In Bahari Bargains you can get the Bioluminescent Necklace:

And the last Rare Item Monday I missed was a Special Colored Wizard Hat:

Well that's everything i missed. Sorry again!

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