Clemmy104, Jaguar40, and Roxy2187456

I was at my den with my friends and some random people showed up. They were so rude me and my friend asked them to leave with saying please. But later when they were still in my den they said they didn't leave my den because we weren't being polite. Well they were in there for more than 30 min. So they were really rude and also used bad words by using these *. So I was wondering if you guys could report them for me. Here are some pictures of them:

Clemmy104 was probably the nicest in the end but she was still really rude in the beginning. Thanks! Bye!

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  1. I know clemmy104 is so rude...
    She back talks to my clan and called me ragtag


1. No bad words. At all.
2. No being rude to others.
3. Respect others opinions.
4. Have fun!