Shamans Den

 I want a Shamans Den for one of my dens. What den do you guys think would be good for all the Shaman Statues (including the bronze) and both Zios Fountains? Comment and tell me please! :P


  1. The Most Nature one And Coolest Make It Dark (ppl think its more cool that way) The Volcano Is What I'd Do


  2. I'd use the Enchanted Hollow, putting all of the statues together in a circle on the grass. :)

  3. Anonymous9/29/2012

    Really neat bloc Star8! I found it on ajalltheway. I'm the owners cousin. Hey do you know lpiggy Star8puppy? Cool if you do. My username on an is babygirlcait. Ill be on your blot a lot now that I know wht its like! ~babygirlcait


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