Um...hey guys...I haven't posted in almost a year. I forgot about this blog, i'm really sorry!! To all of you that still bother to even check up on this blog anymore...i'm really sorry but I have completely lost interest in animal jam and I don't think i'll ever really post on this blog anymore...once again i'm really sorry, you guys were great and thanks so much for reading my blog! Bye...


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  1. Anonymous7/22/2014

    Well, here it goes. I seriously just found out about this blog, and I really like it. Your probably not reading this, or will never read this, but for the jammers who do, if you loose intrest in AJ, just remember what a fun time you had. Don't feel bad. remind your buddies were always there for you, and you were there for them. You did fun things, and maybe sad things. and stuff in between. Just don't let the memory of AJ fade. Even though it's kinda messed up with the members and stuff. But DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE MEMORYS OF AJ. The stuff you learned, the stuff....Everything. Just don't forget.


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