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In the post below i talked about Jamaasians. Well this post is what we can do to save them. All of you, every jammer that believes needs to submit a howl saying 


The Shaman animal statues are a big part of this. Every animal has a story. Except the new ones. Didn't you notice? There's Peck for rabbits, Greely for wolves, Liza for pandas, Cosmo for koalas, Graham for monkeys, Sir Gilbert for tigers, and nothing else! Because animal jam stopped making stories for them.

They will get our meaning if we all submit the same howl. You could even copy and paste the whole message. Get all of your buddies and do it together. Tell everyone about this. Tell every jammer you meet!

But, we have to wait. We have to be patient. Who knows how long? AJHQ might not even review the ideas we send in. But it's worth a try. So long on animal jam and submit a howl!

Be sure to read my post below about jamaasians. I'll soon be making a whole page about it.

Also, this wasn't my idea. You can give all the credit to Snowyclaw. She's awesome!

¡!¡ Jamaasians for Jamaa !¡!

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