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Hey everyone! I was scrolling through http://animaljamspirit.blogspot.com/2012/05/nests-and-spirit-stones.html (snowyclaw's blog.) And i saw a very interesting post.

Click here to read the post that started it all!

I don't like Jamma because of the rares and the games. I like it because of it's creativity.

I know you were hoping for something big when i said 'a very important post' but this is big.

Shamans aren't being named Mara or Zios anymore. Phantoms aren't invading jamma anymore. These are only a few problems that's happening. Humans are taking over Jamma. The 'Cruise Ship Party' and the water slides in Crystal Sands! The arcade instead of the hospital! There's no more creativity anymore! It's just ridiculous!

But, if we all come together we can save jamma from getting in to a boring old un-creative game. I don't just mean the viewers of this blog. I mean every blog, every jammer, if we all band together we can and we will save jamma.

Everyone if you have a blog post about this. If you don't have a blog it's fine! Comment about this. Tell your buddies, tell some random person in jamma, yell it out in the Hot Cocoa Hut! Just tell people. Tell everyone.

The real question is- What are you going to do about it? You could could ignore this post and tell no one! Or you could do something about this. Tell me your ideas! What do you think about all of this?

Some of you will ignore this post, won't spread it, and don't care. That's alright. But for everyone else, we have to fight! Who's with us?

Just remember,
You can make a difference in Jamma by joining our group.

¡!¡ Jamaasians for Jamaa !¡!

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  1. Anonymous7/03/2012

    I am making my own jamaasians for jamaa though i do not have a blog i hope everyone cares and I'm sending a email to AJHQ if you are will to join or if you have won we could COMBINE then we will make one big army!!



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