Shamans, Rude Members, and More

Hey jammers, this update is a big one! I'm so excited!!!

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First of all, there's a new den for 7,000 gems!

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Turtles are now land and ocean pets! Also there's a new game at the Summer Carnival called Carnival Darts!

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We've almost have monkey's back! Only 1 million gems to go! 

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There are more settings added to the Settings Icon!

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Shamans are coming back!!!!! We have finally made a huge difference! Everyone should be very very proud!

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You can also get a new Tree Hollow Table in Jam Mart Furniture!

They also named the Giraffe Shaman!!!

Also about a week ago there was this very rude member, here are a couple rude things he said:

Fat ah, get it?
Also he said a bunch of other things about non-members like mean things. He said members are way better than non-members. A bunch of people (including me of course) kept defending if you could report him that would be great:
User: dj099


  1. Thank goodness he's banned!

  2. Okay Just Because I'm NOT MEMBER doesn't mean in not myself! plus- we were all nonmember one time i reported 50 times no joke thanks for letting us know star!



1. No bad words. At all.
2. No being rude to others.
3. Respect others opinions.
4. Have fun!