Sorry guys i haven't been posting anything in a whole week! I'm really sorry i've been really busy with school and stuff, well i'm gonna post everything i missed, thankfully my friend sent me all the pictures i needed. Sorry again. ):

Okay first we have the Tree Trunk Sink from Jam Mart Furniture:

It's pretty cool. :3

Also you can get a Wooden Toy Box.

You can also get this from Jam Mart Furniture.

The third item is a Crossbow in Epic Wonders.

Pretty cool. :3

There's also a new Fox Tail Chair from Jam Mart Furniture:

I think it's really cool.

In Bahari Bargains you can get a Monocle:


Also you can get a really cool Mine Shaft Door in Jam Mart Furniture, sadly members.

This item came out today.

I'm really sorry, these are all long overdue. I'll try to post all of the new items on time!

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